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Specify 5.0 Known bugs

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Listed below is the known bugs in Specify 5.0
  • Occasionally, access violations will occur as you exit Specify. We have not been able to consistently get the error to occur, but it seems to happen more often when your machine is on for a long time and you switch back and forth between other applications.
  • When exporting large amounts of data of more than about 15,000 records to the text file, Specify will occasionally appear to hang. Given enough time, the export will finish. If you scroll to the bottom of the display prior to exporting, the exporting will generally finish more quickly. Occasionally, trying to export twice can cause an error message. For example, if you exported to Access database and then exported to a text file. To prevent this problem, re-run the same search and then a second export will work fine.
  • A "Grid Index Out of Range" message appears when a mouse scroll wheel is used or if a cell is selected that is not fully displayed in the loan form.
  • If you are using the Specify 4.6 demobird database and wish to continue to use it, please contact the Specify staff at It needs a fix to continue to be usable with Specify 5. Specify 5 ships with a new demonstration database, called Fishdemo.
  • Data Entry
    • Catalog number of physical object records is not changed when the original catalog number is edited.
    • Shortcuts Alt+s and Alt+n are not working and may cause access violations.
  • Reports
    • It is not possible to print multiple reports from the lower workspace print button without the need to restart Specify.
    • Some available reports do not appear in the Custom or Grid View.
    • Incorrect records printing from Detail View print.
    • "Print Duplicates" function not working properly in many situations.
    • When using the embedded report writer, Rave, Specify remains active when a Rave session is taking place.
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    • There are many issues with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. They primarily stem from user creation functions. Specify more or less works, but it is not recommended that you use SQL Server 2005 with Specify 5.0.
  • Taxon
    • Related record management in the Taxon Tree is not working correctly.
    • "Invalid Variant" error intermittently occurs in the Taxon Tree.
  • International Version
    • Guest users are not permitted to close the Specify application.
    • English text for the "Table" pick list on the "Print Duplicates" option is not correct in the internationalization (localization) file.
  • Search Results, Grid Views and Express Search Views
    • Protected data can be viewed by all levels of user in Grid View and Express Search results.
    • Collection Object user permission levels do not work properly for Express Search.
    • "Save as Default" option is available at inappropriate times.
    • Related records do not have correct toolbars.
  • Display
    • While performing administrative functions in the Specify Login window, the login screen is not always re-drawn when necessary.
  • Loans
    • Preparations with real number catalog numbers are displayed as integers in the loan form.
  • Series Processing
    • An invalid floating point number error occurs when editing series.
    • Series are not added to the Express Search tables automatically, you have to update your build.
  • Form Customizer
    • Collector Agent lookups cannot be done without checking "Use format on data forms".
  • Web Interface
    • The web search does not use the web parameters.
    • The records per page parameter is not fully functional.
    • Web templates are not XHTML compliant.
  • DiGIR
    • Recursive taxonomy records will freeze the DiGIR data export function.
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