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Specify 5.1 Known bugs

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Below is a list of known bugs in Specify 5.1.
  • If you try to export a large data set (more than 15,000 records) twice, the second attempt will occasionally fail. As a workaround, one can try to export again after the error message, or re-run the search to avoid the problem.
  • There is an undocumented menu option on the top level menu under FILE, which we did not intend to activate with Specify 5.1.  The function is not supported and should not be used.  Using it may delete database records erroneously. We removed this option in 5.1.1 and we will support it in Specify 5.2 due out in the Fall of 2006.
  • We added several new data fields to the locality form in Specify 5.1, these fields are broken and do not save data in the database, please do not use them.  These were fixed in Specify 5.1.1.
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