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Making the Web Query Build Faster

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Description of how to make the web query build faster.

These instructions apply to the optional Specify Web Interface. This process will only work if you can directly work on the machine that houses SQL Server and you have a login that allows bulk insert. The sa account will suffice.

Before building the web cache from the Web Configuration menu, go to the Tools/Admin/Express Search Configuration. Select from that window's top menu, the Settings option and click on Bulk Insert Settings. In the resulting window, make sure that the Use Bulk Insert is clicked on. Enter a location for the build, it can be c:\ Then enter the account and password. For most folks this is sa and the corresponding password. Please note that a Specify admin level user does NOT by default have sufficient privilege for bulk insert.

Click OK. Close the Express Search Configuration window.

Then go to Tools/Admin/Web Settings. From this point, Create/Update Web Cache should go much faster.

Please note these bulk insert settings are NOT saved between sessions and you must re-enter them again if you log out and choose to create or update the Web Cache.

If you have any questions, please contact at the Specify main email.

Created by kcoggins
Last modified 2009-03-03 12:42 PM

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