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Batch Editing

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Note: You must be an Administrator level user to use this feature. Also, you should back up your database before attempting to batch edit, as there is only a limited ability to undo the changes you make. Caution should be used to ensure that data is filtered to only those items you wish to change.

One of the features of Specify is Batch Editing. Using batch editing, you can change several items at once. For example, you may want to change the security level of a group of records. I will show here how to change the group permitted to view field to Manager for all records with the determination "Cyprinus".

First, search for all records with the determination "Cyprinus".

Now that you have the data to edit, select Tools -> Admin -> Batch edit from the top menu bar.

Select "Group Permitted To View" from the field drop down box, "replace" for Operation and then select "Manager" for Value. Then click run.

A dialog will appear and update you on the status of the batch edit. For large edits, this procedure can take a while.

If you need to undo the changes you have made, open the batch edit dialog again and select "Undo...". You will not be able to undo these changes once you leave this search result, so make sure that they are correct before moving on. See "Batch Editing" in the user manual for an additional resource.

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