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Renaming a Database

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There may be a time when you would like to rename your Specify database. Most commonly this will occur when you are just starting out and you want to rename the blank database distributed with Specify. This is a fairly simple procedure and you do not even need the full version of Microsoft SQL Server to do this.

  1. Open Specify to the login screen and enter 'sa' for the user name and the sa password for the password. Then select 'Detach Database' from the drop down box.
  2. Select your database from the list and detach it
  3. Navigate to where your database file resides and right-click it and select rename. Change the name to the name you used when you changed the database name in Specify. Make sure to preserve the file extension (.mdf). If you do not see the mdf extension then you may have the Windows option to hide known file type extensions.
  4. Now delete the old log file, it will be replaced when you reattach the database
  5. Go back to the Specify login screen (make sure you are using the sa user and password) and select attach database
  6. Follow the prompts from Specify and your database will be reattached. If you reattach on the same server, you should not have to set up your users again.

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