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My Report Displays 'Invalid'

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I run my report and all or most of the fields come back with <invalid> in them; what happened?

If the query is modified -- for example: a field is added -- then the DataView often must be refreshed for the report to work properly. DataViews may also need to be refreshed after you upgrade to a newer version of Specify. To refresh the DataView, open the report in the design view; open the DataView Dictionary item in the RAVE Project panel; select the DataView; right-click on it and select Refresh. Then re-run the report (use the F9 key from the Design View) to see if the report is now working. If you are unsure which DataView to refresh, click on any of the Data items on the report template itself (e.g. DataText, DataMemo or DataBand) and examine the contents of the DataView property for that item in the Property Panel.

If you still are getting <invalid> results, then each Data item must be examined. Click on the item returning an <invalid> and examine the DataField property. The Field names being passed to the report may have been changed due to changes in the query or a newer version of Specify. Reset the DataField property to reflect any changes in the field names by selecting the modified field name from the dropdown list.

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