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Adding Genbank links and Images to the web interface

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There have been several requests to add images or external links to the Specify web interface. It was believed that this was not possible with the current version of the web interface, but it is. This procedure is a bit of a hack and will require quite a bit of work if you have lots of links. The plan is for the Express Search web interface to be distributed with Specify 5.2 (early Fall 2006) to configure links automatically. So you can either wait for that version, or use this procedure. One additional note, if at all possible use extra text fields to mirror the data you already have. If you add html tags to a url field, then it will no longer operate properly in Specify when you click the "..." button. Also, I believe that I will be able to parse out html tags with the Specify 5.2 Express Search web interface, but I cannot gaurantee that it will be able to. That means that in the worst case scenario you will have to go back through and remove the html tags manually, which could be quite time consuming if you have many links to go through. If you use spare text fields for this procedure, you should not have problems later.

  1. Open Specify.
  2. Open the form customizer, and then select the table that you would like to add the links for.
    Links 1
  3. Determine how many text fields you will need to add. In this example, I have one spare text field that I will use to mirror the "Genbank link" field. The "File or URL link" field is a text field and I will go ahead and add the html tags to the data in this field as there are only 37 records that have this field populated. If it does become necessary to remove these tags later, it will not be too much work.
    Links 2
  4. Lets add the text field and name it "Link". I will assume that you know how to use the form customizer or will refer to the documentation. If you have trouble with this, let us know.
    Links 3
  5. When you are finished adding text fields, save the form and exit the forms manager.
  6. Now, let's run a search for the fields that we need to add data for. I will start with the "File or URL link" field and search for all collection objects that have data in this field.
    Links 4
  7. When your search results are returned, click the Detail button.
  8. Edit the form and look at the link field, in this case the field is an image located at:
    Links 5
  9. In this case I will have to edit this text field, but if you can mirror this field in another text field do so. I will add an html image tag to this, you can add height and width if you would like, but I will leave them out for this example.
  10. Add <img src = " to the beginning of the field and " /> to the end.
    Links 6
  11. If the url points to a page instead of an image, add html anchor tags.
  12. Add <a href=" to the beginning and ">Some text</a> to the end. In this example, I have a link to Fishbase so I will add "Fishbase link" as the text.
    Links 7
  13. Continue adding tags for each field.
  14. When you are done, add the text field to your web search and check your web interface.
  15. If all went well, your interface will have images and links!
    Links 8
Created by cj
Last modified 2006-06-01 09:57 AM

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