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 • Get and import Taxonomy Authority Files

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 • Get and import Taxonomy Authority Files

Posted by johnPulgarin at 2007-08-14 11:30 AM
Dear Folks I would like to know how to get and import some Taxonomy Authority Files from any different place different to Specify forum, like ITIS. Regards, John Pulgarín
-- JOHN ALEXANDER PULGARÍN DÍAZ Museo Entomológico Francisco Luis Gallego Postgrado de Entomología Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín A.A. 3840 Medellín E-mail: Celular: 57 300 784 3022 Tel: 57(4) 272 0909

 • Re: Get and import Taxonomy Authority Files

Posted by kcoggins at 2007-10-23 10:06 AM


Here is a suggestion from an email Glenn sent out:

You will need to download and install the Taxonomic WorkBench (TWB) software from the ITIS folks

I recall that you no longer need to contact them for a password (even though the web page says to) to download the TWB. Then download and import the TWB files from them and import into Specify. Then replace determinations as needed and delete the 'old' family from Specify. All child nodes will be deleted in the process.

It is also the case that some of the ITIS content is missing species names. That is, infraspecific names are attached directly to the genus. This sort of 'breaks' the business rules of Specify but there is no checking for this during the import. The names can exist this way so long as you don't attempt to edit them. You can also add the missing species with the TaxonName form and then move (via edit or drag & drop on the tree view) the infraspecific names to the species name as parent.

If you (or anyone else!) needs more assistance, please contact us at our specify email.



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