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 • WorkBench Data Set limited to 2000 records

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 • WorkBench Data Set limited to 2000 records

Posted by Matt at 2007-07-16 07:32 AM
Hi there, We have very large spreadsheets containing data at specimen level and want to start storing the data in a proper database. As spreadsheet import functionality seems to be quite limited in the current Specify version (5.22) we are strongly anticipating the release of Specify 6. For the time being, we are considering to use WorkBench 6 to run some quality checks and harmonize formats, for which the coordinate transfer and georef tools of WB6 should come in handy. For detecting spelling problems however, it would be more efficient if we didn't have to break up the data to comply with the 2000 records per Data Set limitation (we have 20,000+ records, so in our case sorting by column is currently done more effectively in Excel which handles ~65,000 records). Could you tell us why this limit has been applied? Will this limit be enforced in the full version of Specify 6 as well? thanks in advance, regards, Matt
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 • Re: WorkBench Data Set limited to 2000 records

Posted by kcoggins at 2007-07-16 03:26 PM

Hello Matt,

The main reason the limit is set to 2000 is that the entire record set is stored in memory. The limit may be re-visited, but likely to stay given the possibility of a large number of columns. We were anticipating that folks do some of the data clean-up of large files within Excel. The Workbench is NOT as capable as Excel for some functions nor is it intended to be. The Workbench strength comes in Georeferencing and mapping those records and basic data entry and some clean-up. For the first two functions, you do not want huge amounts of records.

The Workbench is a preliminary tool to importing the data to the "full" Specify database and any limits will be set by the database server that you are using.

If you have any other questions or comments, please let us know!

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