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 • More than 99999 records

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 • More than 99999 records

Posted by lSousa at 2008-07-04 09:18 AM
Hi, We reached our 99999 catalog number in the Fish Collection and the software seems to not accept the 100000. Is there a limit of only 99999 records in one catalog series? Best regards, Leandro

 • Re: More than 99999 records

Posted by kcoggins at 2008-07-09 03:19 PM

You can extend the limit by using the Form Customizer - Tools\Admin\Customize Forms Expand Collection Object Select the first form (specimen type) Click on the subform that has collection number.
Select Edit/Subform
Click on the catalog number field.
Select Edit/Field Properties
You will see a Digits properties - change that to a higher number Click OK Click File/Save Close the Editing.

You should now have a greater range of numbers.
For more information, consult the help under Form Customizer.

If you have any questions, please contact those of us at the Specify project!


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 • Re: More than 99999 records

Posted by lSousa at 2008-07-09 03:29 PM

Thanks Kathy,
It worked just fine!
Best wishes,



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