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 • Specify 5.2 - first impressions are good!

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 • Specify 5.2 - first impressions are good!

Posted by pvScott at 2007-05-01 09:48 AM
Hi Folks - We have been running Specify 5.2 for about 3 weeks now on 10 workstations. We are very impressed with this upgrade. From our perspective, it is far more that a 0.1 upgrade. Here are some things we like. 1)increased speed at all levels. In the past we had some real slow actions, in particular saving geographic forms. Now all is much speedier. Express search is also much faster. 2) Pick Lists - now all text fields can be changed to pick lists. This is VERY helpful in controling your cataloguers data entry. We have done this on two fields and it works very well (after you remove all of the incorrect spellings, etc.) Here are some issues that the Specify folks are working on 1) Batch editing has changed dramatically. One no longer can search on specific criteria to batch edit. The folks at Specify are indicating they will fix this on the short term. 2) If you use 2 monitors, 5.2 places the pop up boxes between the two monitors. This is pretty maddening, and really slows down data entry. I have placed a problem report on this issue, but so far it has not been resolved.
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